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More Mobile Navigation Options

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I’ve been following along mobile navigation options on the twitters and came across some interesting approaches to solving this UX issue.

Smart mobile navigation without hacks

This option makes use of the :target CSS pseudo-class selector, which lets you style elements referenced by the URL #fragment.

It’s a CSS-only solution that works on most modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 9+), however, it is currently incompatible with Opera Mobile since the :target CSS doesn’t seem to trigger a page update. Doh!

Cool, huh? Bravo to Aaron Gustafson for coming up with the solution. Hopefully an Opera Mobile workaround will be available soon.

An alternative to select elements as navigation in narrow viewports

Instead of using a select drop-down on narrow screens, why not recreate the experience with toggleable blocks that you style your way?

Interesting alternative to using the somewhat awkward select drop-down. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.